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Lavender - Lavandula Officinalis

Elecampane - Inula Helenium

St. John's Wort - Hypericum Perforatum

Yarrow - Achillea Millefolium

Feverfew - Chrysanthemum Parthenium

Courses in 2019

Herb courses are generally held between May and July and details of 2019 courses will be on the website early in the new year.

All courses are for small groups (maximum six participants) and are suitable for anyone interested in learning more about herbs.

Please check course availability before booking. If you go to the enquiries page you can find a form to fill in or else just e-mail me at I can then let you know about available spaces and also send you a booking form by e-mail if you prefer. A deposit of £10 per course is required to confirm your booking. You can pay online using Paypal or else by cheque by post using the booking form.

Full-day courses include lunch, all refreshments and comprehensive course note; half-day courses generally do not include lunch.

Course Content:

Courses on the following topics can be arranged for special groups as required. Those marked with an asterisk (*) are only available in late spring or summer months.

Combatting stress (half day) A relaxed morning aimed at understanding how our inability to cope with stress can cause of many emotional and physical ills. The day looks at identifying and reducing stress, relaxation techniques, and using tonic and relaxing herbs. It covers many of the topics included in my book "Making Time for Me" and ends with a relaxing lunch.

Cooking with herbs and healthy eating traditions This day will help you get to know some of the many herbs used in cooking and also includes discussion of healthy eating and food balancing traditions from both East and West.

Granny1s household healers Our grandmothers were well aware that their kitchen cupboards contained not only food, but valuable remedies for everyday ills. This course looks at traditions of kitchen medicine and explores some of the many herbal household products our grannies would have made.

*Grow your own medicines  A day focusing on common medicinal herbs – how to grow, process, and use them to make simple remedies for treating every day ills. At the end of the day you will have at least four herbal remedies or plants to add to your medicine chest.

Herbs for women (half day) A short course (10am to 1pm) looking at various approaches to using herbs for treating women’s ailments drawn from both Eastern and Western healing traditions. The course includes a review of the properties of the more popular herbal remedies for gynaecological problems including black cohosh, sage, agnus-castus and dang gui.

*Identifying, growing and using herbs This course will help you identify useful hedgerow herbs, decide what to cultivate at home and learn about, harvesting, drying, storing, and using herbs.

Leechcraft & wort cunning This course focuses on some of the traditional remedies and magical beliefs of our Celtic and Saxon forebears looking at how shamanic, Galenic  and mediaeval Christian traditions have influenced our use of herbs. We shall also make some herbal remedies used in the past.

Making creams and ointments This is a practical workshop day making focusing on herbal remedies for external use including various therapeutic creams, infused oils and ointments as well as simple cosmetic products. At the end of the day everyone will have a collection of at least four herbal products that they have made to take away.

Making herbal remedies An opportunity to make your own herbal home remedies kit with a mixture of ointments, oils, tinctures and syrups to combat everyday household ills. A busy practical day which will give you at least four herbal products to take home as a basic herbal remedies kit.

Understanding traditional Chinese medicine (half day) This short course will help anyone who has visited an acupuncturist or Chinese practitioner to understand their treatment and the therapeutic approach used.  It will look at the traditional philosophy behind Chinese medicine and the sorts of herbal remedies used.


Full day courses run from 10am to about 4pm and include lunch.
Half-day courses without lunch run from 10am to about 1.00pm and with lunch (Combating stress) from 10am to about 2.00pm.

Course Fees: Course Fees Include:

Course folder, printed notes, and all refreshments Lunch is included for full-day and the half-day "Combating stress" courses. Lunch includes a choice of salads, quiches, vegetarian options, cheese and fruit.
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